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Pillbugs are dark gray bugs, with segmented body that is approximately - to 5/8-inch long with seven pair of legs. Pillbugs and sowbugs belong to the family of Isopoda, with pillbugs having the special feature of being able to roll themselves up into a ball that distinguishes them from a sowbug. They are considered as annoying as any pests in the house are not a pleasing sight to the eyes.


Female pillbugs/sowbugs carry their eggs in a marsupium which is a brood pouch. There are around one to three brood pouches produced in a year that contain around 24-28 eggs. The eggs are hatched in around 45 days and the young ones molt a few times before they fully develop into adults. The life period of an adult pillbug/sowbug is around two years. They usually feed on dead or decaying plants or animals and some species may also feed on living plants, damaging plants especially when present in large numbers.

They are found mostly in moist situations where they can find organic matter to feed on like outdoors under piles of dead plant matter or indoors at places like basement with high moisture level. They are usually seen only and night and are quick walkers.

How to Prevent Damage

  • Remove any dead plants nearby your house as it will attract pillbugs/sowbugs, being a favorable source of food.
  • Pillbugs/sowbugs require humid conditions for their survival. Try to reduce the moisture if at any place due to any reason in your house.
  • If there are any cracks in your house that can provide entry or serve as a nesting place to the bugs, get them repaired soon.
  • Call professionals if things go out of control.

We use only green methods for exterminating pillbugs/sowbugs, which are very effective as well as environment friendly.

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