Our Bed Bug pesticides are made with organic substances that are more effective than chemical pesticides.
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We are the leading Bed Bugs exterminator in New York City metropolitan area, who offer eco-friendly and long-lasting bed bug treatment. We service Commercial as well as Residential spaces for Bed Bugs control in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Nassau County.

We DO NOT take shotgun approach for dealing with bed bugs as such methods most often culminate in return of bed bugs in a few weeks or months. We neither spray hazardous chemicals all over the place as it is not Cost Effective for you and bad for our NY environment as well.

What we do is to PinPoint the problem, and then make a detailed plan to take care of it in total. We use only eco friendly products and methods for extermination of bed bugs in any NY home, office or hotel building. Call us to remove bedbugs from your hotel and keep its name out of the bed bug registry NYC list.

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Bed Bugs Nocturnal Blood-sucking Pests

Bed Bugs NYCBed bugs are blood-sucking parasites that are nocturnal pests. They hide during the day and come out at night. What makes the extermination of these pests very difficult is the fact that they are very small, flat insects and secondly, they are very difficult to trace due to their hiding places, which are not easily reachable. Termed as bedbugs, since they are mostly found hiding on the corners of bed, where people sleep. They also prefer to hide in cracks or to rest on wood and paper surfaces. They may hide in bedside furniture or dressers. The presence of bedbugs cannot be noticed therefore the need for a pest control technician who personally inspects the area to identify the main problem is much needed.

Bed BugsIt is a usual notion that pests appear in areas with poor sanitation. But this is not the case with bed bugs, they can make their home anywhere they like. The only way to prevent them is to keep things less cluttered.

Bedbugs leave their areas at night time to feed on humans. They prefer to feed on humans but don't mind feeding on birds or family pets. The time duration of the blood meal is between three to ten minutes. The disadvantage of the host is that they don't feel any sensation but the bite can cause a severe itch.

We have a huge bed bug registry and employ a team of exterminators in New York and NJ who use organic substances that are more effective than chemical pesticides. Over the years bed bugs have developed resistance to many chemical pesticides. However, the organic methods that we use for bed bug extermination are such that bed bugs cannot develop resistance to them. The other advantage of using organic substances is that it is highly effective on bedbugs and does not have any side effects on humans or the environment. By using organic materials for killing bed bugs, we are not only protecting ourselves but also making the environment around New York safe. The emphasis is on the green way of life in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Nassau County, which is the only way of protecting our environment from these harmful chemical pesticides.

We do treatment in hotel rooms, homes, offices and other complexes in NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Nassau County and provide the best extermination services for bed bug NYC.


The adult bed bug is 3/16 inch long, oval, flat, and rusty-red or mahogany in color. The bed bug is flat and thin when unfed but becomes more elongate, plump, and red when it is full of blood. Four-segmented antennae are attached to the head between the prominent compound eyes. The three-segmented beak, or proboscis, is located beneath the head and passes back between the front legs. The bed bug cannot fly as its wings are reduced to short wing pads.


As the female bed bug lays her eggs (i.e., one to five per day and 200-500 within her lifetime); she uses a clear substance to attach them in cracks and on rough surfaces. Under ideal conditions, eggs hatch in about seven days and the nymphs molt five times, taking a blood meal between each molt. Development time from egg to adult is 21 days. The adult can live for almost one year.


The bed bug hides in cracks and crevices during the day, preferring to rest on wood and paper surfaces instead of stone and plaster. It leaves these harborage areas at night to feed on its host, which include humans, birds, hogs, and family pets. The blood meal requires three to ten minutes and usually goes unnoticed by the victim. After feeding, the bite site may become inflamed and itch severely in sensitive people. Although the bed bug has been associated with over 25 diseases, transmission has not been conclusively proven. Over time, the harborage areas become filled with the molted skins, feces, and old egg shells of the resident bed bugs. These areas have a characteristic "stick bug" smell caused by secretion emitted by the bed bug.

How We Operate

We provide Commercial as well as Residential NYC Bed Bug Extermination services.

Our team of professionals does a thorough inspection of the area of infestation along with trained dogs. We then make a full-fledged plan to provide Permanent Solution to the problem. We use specialized equipment with a variety of eco-friendly insecticide formulations to treat your hotel, office or residence and keep your facility out of bedbug registry list for New York City. For the best bed bug exterminator, New York residents and hotel managers can call us.

Examples of bed bug bites:

Bed Bug
Bed Bug
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