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Mold Remediation

If you consider mold a small thing, you are wrong. It is real concern. If you thought it would take care of itself by dying with time, nothing would be more incorrect. The fact is, mold can maintain itself even in the absence of water and air, and lay for millions of years in dormancy, quietly waiting for moisture. It is this resilience which makes mold big, and necessitates hiring of mold remediation professionals such as Green Eco Environmental.

Mold Inspection

Health Related Effects of Mold

Constant exposure to certain types of mold could cause allergic reactions and rashes, trigger asthma and begin respiratory problems. Elders have weaker immune systems while infants' immune systems haven't fully developed. Thus, elders and infants are more susceptible to mold related problems than adults.

What You Can Do

With prompt attention to visible mold, you can check a minor problem from becoming major. You can take steps to bring down the level of moisture in the building. If there is leakage of water, you can get it repaired. This would slow down the growth of mold. However, for eliminating the problem from root, you would have to call the professionals.

What We Would Do

Well trained and experienced professional of Green Eco Environmental take care of all your mold remediation needs. We do thorough inspection and assessment of the cause and the extent of mold damage. What follows is the containment to prevent the spread of mold to other areas. Thereafter, the mold is remediated with the help of eco-friendly products and methods. When the remediation is done, the affected areas are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any chances of the 'comeback' of mold.

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