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Pharaoh Ant

Pharaoh are small, yellow ants found throughout the United States. These ants have two nodes and the workers are all one size. In temperate climates such as the United States, the Pharaoh ant cannot survive outdoors round the year.

Hence, it is found in close association with heated buildings. Because of their small size, these ants are often considered a minor pest and ignored. However, they can multiply rapidly and become a serious health risk.


Pharaoh ant nests have millions of workers with multiple queens. The ants will nest in wall and cabinet voids, behind baseboards and refrigerator insulation, inside hollow curtain rods, or in the folds of sheets, clothes or paper. Pharaoh Ant colonies are very mobile. Workers, along with larvae, pupae, and even the queens, may move to new locations if required. New nests can be formed by a few ants and a queen migrating from the original colony. Development time of eggs for workers is about 38 days.

This ant is a major indoor pest in the United States. As it has the ability to survive most conventional household treatments and to establish colonies throughout a building, it is difficult to control it. Infestations in hospitals have become a chronic problem because of these ants. They are more than a nuisance and have the ability to infest a house and yard very quickly.

How to Prevent Damage

  • Rinse containers thoroughly before putting them in the recycling.
  • Regularly sweep or mop your kitchen floor, and vacuum rooms where food is consumed.
  • Take your trash out daily. Use extra-strength trash bags for weak bags could leak.
  • Ensure any outside trash bins have tightly-sealed lids.
  • Fix leaks, as the water can attract ants.
  • Call professionals if things go beyond your control.

We emphasize on using green methods to exterminate pharaoh ants that are both very effective as well as environment friendly.

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