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Odorous House Ant

Odorous house ant gets its name from the rotten coconut-like smell it gives off when crushed and the fact that they like to nest in or around human settlements.

Found all across the United States, these ants are very social creatures, living in large colonies. These ants can contaminate food by leaving waste behind.


Odorous house ants make their nests under stones, logs, and in the nests of larger ants. Indoors, they can reside in wall or floor cracks, water pipes, crevices around sinks and cabinets etc. They travel in trails and like to eat sweet substances, although they are willing to eat almost any household food. They usually invade structures during rainy season after honeydew on plants has been done away by the rain.

These ants mate from early May through mid-July. When a colony becomes overcrowded, they form new colonies. An ant colony has approximately 10,000 workers and several queens, each laying one egg a day. The usual developmental time of the egg is 34-83 day. However, the time could increase to several months during winters. There are several generations per year. Workers and queens live for several years.

How to Prevent Damage

  • Don't use other people's combs, hats, towels, etc.
  • Take care of moisture. Pests such as ants are attracted to moisture.
  • Prune tree branches and other plants near your house.
  • If there are cracks at the bottom of your house, get those repaired. Ants get these crevices to visit your home.
  • Don't let anyone store firewood and building materials next to your home for ants could build their nests here.
  • Call professionals if things go beyond your control.

We emphasize on using green methods to exterminate odorous house ants that are both very effective as well as environment friendly.

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