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Norway Rat

Norway rats are nocturnal in nature. They have poor sight but keen sense of smell, taste, hearing, and touch. They are shy about any new objects and very cautious. Its fur is coarse, shaggy and brown in color with some black hairs. The muzzle of the Norway rat is blunt, its eyes and ears are small, and its tail is shorter than the head and body combined and is bi-colored. Norway rat droppings has blunt ends and are up to -inch long.


Norway rat's head and body measure 7 - 10 inches in length and its tail is another 6 - 8 inches. It is the largest of rodents that live close or amidst human habitat. It has a short and well built body and may weigh from 7 to 18 ounces. They prefer to nest in burrows in the soil, such as under sidewalks and concrete pads, stream/river banks, railroad track beds, next to buildings etc on the outdoor. Their burrows usually have a main entry hole and at least one escape hole. Inside buildings they prefer to nest in the lower levels of the building, like crawlspace, basement, loading dock and sewers.

Norway rat like to feed on meat, fish, and cereals. They take a separate water source to drink apart from the liquid present in the food. They can forage around a range from 100 to 150 feet from their nest. Norway rats may bite sometimes and are associated with various diseases. Leptospirosis is associated to Norway rats. They can also cause significant damage to products and property. In 2 - 5 months the adult Norway rats attain sexually maturity. The females can produce 3 - 6 litters per year, each averaging seven to eight young ones. Adults has a life span of 6 - 12 months.

How to Prevent Damage

  • Have rodent-proof construction.
  • Seal cracks and holes on the walls.
  • Good sanitation practices reduce sources of food, water, and shelter for the rats.
  • Use repellents and mouse traps.
  • Keep your house clean, especially the kitchen area.
  • In case of major infestation call your neighborhood exterminator.

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