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Mealworms are common pests to be found in the homes. They can pollute your food items. What is most disturbing about them is that they are active all the time and can seriously damage your cereals. There are more chances of finding these worms in the shelves where you keep your cereals and flour. As they multiply rapidly, their numbers can increase fast at your peril.


What we call the mealworms are in fact the larvae of three different species of Darkling Beetle. The dark mealworm adult has dull black color, whereas the yellow mealworm adult has shiny dark brown or black skin. As for the insects, they are cylindrical, hard-bodies insects quite similar to wireworms. Many a people use mealworms to feed the reptile, fish, and avian pets. They are are also commonly used as fishing bait.

The female burrows into soft ground and lays hundreds of eggs in a single go, which begin to hatch after 4 to 19 days. During the larva stage, mealworms undergo repeated molting between bouts of eating vegetation or dead insects. During the last molt, it curls into its pupal form which it sustains from 3 to 30 days. The pupa begins with a creamy white color and changes slowly to brown during its pupation stage.

How to Prevent Damage

  • Keep your kitchen clean and dry. The mealworms like dirty and decaying things. If you don't provide them with dirt, they won't thrive in your home.
  • If food is infected by mealworms, just throw it. They can grow fast, so throwing them out of home is the only option.
  • Store your food in tight containers. The containers should be really tight for the worms can sneak in even through a tiny hole.
  • Call professionals if things go beyond your control.

We emphasize on using green methods to exterminate Mealworms that are both very effective as well as environment friendly.

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