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A centipede crawling on the floor near your bed is the last thing you want to see. These creepy creatures can have a varying number of legs from under 20 to over 300.

Having menacing looks, centipedes normally have a drab coloration combining shades of brown and red. Centipedes can be found in a wide variety of environments.


Centipedes rarely bite people. The only creatures that need to worry about them are their fellow pests, such as bedbugs, termites, silverfish, spiders, and even roaches, because centipedes kill and feed on them. However, you would not like to take assistance of centipedes to kill these pests. You would like to take matters in your hands and get rid of all these pests on your own.

Centipedes prefer to reside in moist environments. It can make its home in damp basements, moist closets and bathrooms and outdoors under stones, decaying firewood, objects on the ground, piles of leaves, mulch, etc. They have poison glands on their first pair of legs, which they use to kill their prey. However, on humans, their poison glands are useless, seldom worse than a bee sting.

How to Prevent Damage

  • Keep your home dry. Centipedes need a moist environment to live and thrive, so make sure your home is dry.
  • Put down sticky traps. These traps are not just good for catching mice but also for catching insects which crawl on them and get stuck.
  • Get rid of possible hiding places and entrance points.
  • If you see centipedes, smash them with your shoe or other hard object. You can also use bug spray to kill centipedes.
  • Call professionals if things go out of control.

We emphasize on using green methods to exterminate centipedes that are both very effective as well as environment friendly.

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